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4 reasons why use templates by creating your signage

4 reasons why use templates by creating your signage
by Ivan
2 min read

Nowadays the use of widgets and apps are becoming more popular by creating content for signage. However, templates have never left the stage and are still commonly used. Unless you're hiring a graphic designer for each content item, you really should use templates to create your digital signs. Not convinced in how templates can make your life a little bit easier? Here are some reasons that might change your thoughts.


Whether you are using signage for digital menu displays, internal news messages, an event calendar, or welcome messages:  a strong template is fundamental. MagicINFO Premium includes the Web Author that allows you to create templates using graphic elements, your own company colors and adding your own font. It gives you full freedom in designing a template that suits your needs. So, do you already have MagicINFO Premium? Instead of uploading your content items or spending a lot of time and money on designs, start using templates!


Creating a default template that holds your company logo and elements in your corporate style and/or colors makes it easy to:


  1. Empower your corporate identity

A stretched logo, a wrong color or a blurry image. Not only does it not look horrible, it also detracts from your brand and (professional) appearance. Using templates makes sure that your content designers are committed in using the template that do justice to your corporate identity.

  1. Reduce time designing

Having templates ready to go means that you don't have to waste time designing your slide from scratch. Just create a template and use it over and over again!


  1. Simplify content creation

Templates are easy to update. Content creation will be easy and quickly. Just change the texts of the template and save it and it's already published.  


  1. Be consistency and clarity

Using templates makes sure that your content team will always use the same template and therefore are more accurate in their designs. Template elements such as headers can serve as a reminder of points or sections to include, which may otherwise be left out. The pre-determined structure designed in the template also helps preventing errors. Your target group will know where to look at your display to see the information they need.


So our advice, spent some time in creating a strong template that completely aligns with your corporate identity and save time designing afterwords. Watch this video explaining how you can use templates in the MagiciNFO Web Author.



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