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4 reasons that make digital signage indispensable in 2021

4 reasons that make digital signage indispensable in 2021
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2020 was quite a year. We had to deal with the pandemic. This caused a drastic change in our daily life and routine. Many companies were hit hard and had to search for creative solutions and possibly even financial help to keep afloat. In 2020 we had to be flexible and adapt to the measures that help to counteract COVID. Digital signage has played an effective role by 'flattening the curve' and has become more essential than ever. For those who are still questioning whether to add digital signage to their marketing strategy or not, in this blog, I would like to briefly reflect on features of digital signage that have suddenly become perhaps more of a need instead of a nice to have.


1. Being able to change hardware settings remotely

Remote hardware control has never been more necessary than it is now. The pandemic forced many companies to close their office buildings and employees needed to work from home. Because the displays can be managed remotely, it was easy to turn off certain displays, reset them with holiday management, or adjust on and off timers, without being physically at the screen. Groups of displays or individual ones can be accessed and managed remotely. This not only saved a visit to the office but also energy costs. 


2. Schedule content 

Working from home gives a whole new dynamic to your workday, even more when you have small children or an enthusiastic dog barking at you when you try to work.  In situations like this, a signage solution with extensive scheduling tools is very convenient. So when it's quiet at home, you can prepare your content and schedule upfront so that it is published at the right time.


3. Create content online

In uncertain times you do not know exactly how and what will happen and which message must or can be published, online access to your signage content is indispensable. This enables you to communicate with up-to-date information and act proactively. In addition, you have all your content items online available and you don't have to use a slow VPN connection to get your template. You can respond quickly, create content online and publish it using any device. 


4. Role of signage and the importance of the message 

The pandemic has put digital signage in the spotlight in communicating security measures. Using digital signage, there is no need to wait for delivered printed posters and stickers. You can immediately take action to keep your public properly informed. Not only communicating the safety measures clearly via display is effective, but new solutions, such as Entrance management, have emerged. This solution counts the number of shoppers in the store, or how many employees are at the office, so anyone who wants to enter the building knows how busy it is and can decide to continue or to come back at another time. This contributes to safe shopping and working. So, with this, we think digital signage has lost its question mark permanently.

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