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4 hardware settings that are good to know

4 hardware settings that are good to know
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MagicINFO has a lot to offer when it comes to hardware settings. But what are some key settings that we recommend to configure? In this blog, we mention 4.

Do you wish to know more about how to protect your MagicINFO environment? Are you struggling to keep up with all the security developments in digital signage? Make sure to check out the MagicINFO security pillar page. 


1. Security settings

There are multiple security settings to configure preventing people who are not allowed to use the display from using it. You can set if the remote control can be used or not, and if the buttons on the display are active or inactive. It's also possible to deactivate the use of USB and network ports. These settings help you to be sure that the display will always stay connected to the MagicINFO server and no one can change the content to whatever they want to see. Here's a YouTube tutorial that explains the settings and shows you where you can find them. Important to mention is that you have to make sure there's always a way to access your display remotely or manually. So don't be too strict. 


2. Auto power on

This is a setting that you can easily overlook because it's not that obvious to find. But having this setting switch 'on' means that in case of a power outage the device automatically switches on again once the power issue is fixed. With this set, you don't have to physically go to the display to switch it on again. Have a look at this tutorial explaining where you can set this advanced setting. 


3. Network standby

Is someone at your office annoying you by switching the display off manually when he leaves the office? This is very good for saving energy and will not cost you that much energy to switch it back on having Network standby set 'on'. This means that you are able to switch your device on or off using MagicINFO. So it's easy for you to be just as annoying from wherever you are. Have a look at this tutorial explaining where you can set this advanced setting. 


4. Clear storage

Sometimes it occurs that you are not able to send out your playlist to your display. Everything seems right and you've checked it all, no issue to be found. But, here's another setting that you really need to know of, Clear storage. The new content that's sent to the display will normally overwrite the existing content. But it could be that the device storage has reached its limits. With this setting, you can empty the storage, so you can fill it up again with your eye-catching content. You can find this setting by going to the MagicINFO server, going to the Device section, picking the device, going to the Edit button, and the Information tab. When you scroll down you will see Storage Size.



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