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4 Digital signage trends that continue to take shape in 2020

4 Digital signage trends that continue to take shape in 2020
by Joey
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The digital signage market continues to innovate and more technology comes into place. These technologies expand the scope of application of classic digital signage systems and offer great advantages. Digital signage gets more presence in different markets such as corporate, retail, government, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), and entertainment to name a few.


Interactive content is more popular than ever before, therefore we have selected the top 4 interactive trends that will continue to take shape in 2020.


1. Customer Analytics

The first trend is customer analytics, this gains insight into the presence of the visitors. It allows businesses to analyze how many people are entering a store, but also the gender and estimated age of the visitors. This is all measured by proximity sensors and cameras with face recognition. Thanks to modern algorithms the parameters are able to identify gender, age, and facial expressions. Next to that, the interactive touchscreens can measure the number of touches on specific content and measure the ROI of advertising campaigns.


At MagicINFO we are working with Nexshop to make this possible. Curious about what this has to offer for your store? Drop us an email and we are more than happy to help you.


2. Touchscreens

Moving on to the touchscreens, these are great tools for customer communication in stores. How great would it be if customers can search for products in your store on a display? Sounds good right? Or you can let them customize their own products. Interactive applications can be operated intuitively by typical gestures. The self-service technology increases product presentation and customer consulting. By having all the products on the interactive displays it increases the product range and awareness on-site.


3. Interactive Apps

B2B software for touchscreen software is being developed on demand, hence why it is more expensive and takes some more time. These days it is harder to sell the displays since the hardware costs do not match the costs of customized software development. In order for touchscreens to succeed better in the B2B sector, standardized software development tools and distribution platforms will have to emerge to appeal to the public. Once this has developed, the technology of touchscreens can be taken to a next level, and what better year to do this in than 2020.


4. Product Recognition

Product recognition was revealed not too long again and is taking more shape. This is also interactive, which is again a great win for the customers. The product recognition that works with MagicINFO is NFC technology. Basically, products get a chip and once the products get placed on a reader then the display will show the relevant information to that product. But it can also be the other way around, for example, if a product gets lifted, the display will start showing the content for that product. 


At MagicINFO we are working with YoYo Lift & Learn system. This works exactly as mentioned above and comes with a whole lot of data. Businesses are able to analyze which product gets lifted the most and for how long. This can help businesses improve their advertising conversion and it will increase the ROI. Curious about what this can do for your business? Send us an email at and we will help you out!

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