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3 ways to boost your digital signage

3 ways to boost your digital signage
by Joey
1 min read

What might look as important content for you, might be slightly irrelevant for another. Therefor we would like to provide you with 3 tips that make your digital signage less boring for others.


Provoking content is better than ignored content. If you have content that gets the people talking, it means that they do pay attention. Which is good! If you haven�t heard from your visitors or customers regarding the content, it might not appeal to them that much. Therefor it is recommended to dare to be a bit different sometimes. The tips that we have are as following:


  1. Add more content

By adding content, it breaks the pattern of the usual playlists and might feature that specific image of video that gets the people talking. If you only play one or two content items, you might as well use a static banner. Make use of the digital signage possibilities and play as much relevant content as possible. For example, a store can feature their opening hours on the device, but also sale, new items, combi deals and so on. There is much more to tell. Maybe even weather-based content? With MagicINFO more and more becomes possible.


  1. Add some sound

Something that isn�t common is making use of sounds. Most digital signage devices are muted, but why not make use of sound? It catches the attention and makes the content stand out significantly. You can add music to your playlist or play videos with sound. Make sure the content stays relevant and it will definitely turn some heads.


  1. Don�t just sell, entertain people

Boosting too much of your products and services isn�t the most attractive content. Make sure to entertain the people and communicate with the customers or visitors. If all they see are discounts and offers, they are potentially losing their interest after a while. When you�re continue entertaining them, they stay interested. Think about including news items, social media integrations and other random content items.

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