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3 reasons why the I-Player comes in useful

3 reasons why the I-Player comes in useful
by Joey
1 min read

MagicINFO supports several players, we frequently talk about the Premium player since there is so much to share about. In addition to the Premium player, there are also the Lite, I and W players. All in all, MagicINFO supports a great array of players, which ensures there is one player that fits your needs. The I-Player is an external player that can be attached to many types of devices. For example, you have a video wall and instead of connecting a Premium SBB to it you can connect a I-Player SBB to it. 


1. Windows control
If you wish to have Windows control, you can add a Windows computer or Windows SBB to your devices. This can be done by connecting it via HDMI. Within MagicINFO you can assign content to your Windows controlled device, this can be the SBB or computer. The device will take over the content and display this.


2. Beamer presentation
If you wish to make use of a beamer and MagicINFO, this is possible. You can connect a Windows computer to MagicINFO with the I-Player and show content on the computer. Next up is to connect the beamer to the computer and it will project the content on the designated area. 


3. Videowall

If you wish to make use of a video wall but don�t want to send content to each device, you can use the I Player SBB to send content to your entire video wall. This means that the content will be spread across your devices at all times. 


We�ve created a video in which we explain how to install the software and how to assign content to it. Feel free to check out the video below.


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