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3 key elements to look for while choosing signage software

3 key elements to look for while choosing signage software
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Are you busy getting your plans ready for 2021 and are you considering adding digital signage to your marketing strategy? Our advice is don't hesitate and go for it! With these tips, you can start your search for the best digital signage software and know what to look for when comparing MagicINFO to other tools.


1. Desired features

Simply put: what do you want your digital signage to do for you? Most digital signage solutions are packed with assets, features, add-ons, and integrations. But which of those do you actually need to reach your business goals? For example, you don't need a Power BI integration to welcome visitors into your office, but a calendar connection could be helpful! 

Set your goals, list your desired features, and check the possibilities which digital signage solution providers.

2. Player management

This shouldn't come as a surprise - but we have to say it: appearance does matter in the digital signage world. From a single display for welcoming visitors to your office to an immense video wall that broadcasts your yearly fashion show - you don't want cables and hardware hanging out of the sides of your display. If the looks of your display(s) are important to you, make sure to select a solution that's less dependent on extra hardware. For example, the MagicINFO player is built into Samsung displays - no need for cabling! Besides being a delight for the eye, internal players are a power-efficient and more sustainable choice because there's less risk of a hardware damage (leading to replacement).


3. User adoption

No matter if your digital signage team consists of 1, 10, or 100 coworkers, user adoption is key to a successful start with digital signage. Check if the provider offers guiding material and (remote) training. Not unimportant: does the provider offer consultancy and support? What are the terms and conditions? 


With this blog, I gave you a lot of questions to reflect upon. If you are looking for some answers, don't wait to schedule an online meeting with our MagicINFO consultant and take the first step that gets you to reach your goals for 2021!


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