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Benefits of a digital signage partner network

Benefits of a digital signage partner network
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We have seen an ever-increasing demand for digital signage solutions. And so a wide range of organizations use digital signage to boost business and achieve their goals. From end-users to AV companies and software developers, everyone can benefit from joining a digital signage partner network. In this piece, we will look at the main benefits for businesses to enroll in such programs. 

Why is it important to join a digital signage partner program 

While it is optional to join a digital signage partner program to run your business, it can certainly bring you extra perks. Think about it like joining an exclusive club of professionals who are just as passionate about the industry as you are. Here are the top four reasons to sign up for a digital signage partner network

Knowledge exchange 

As a member of the digital signage program, you will be able to connect with experts and learn valuable industry knowledge. Businesses can also join a network that focuses on specific software, like MagicINFO, or a trade association that covers software and hardware, like the Global Signage Alliance (GSA). 

If you see fit, you can join a partnership program and a trade association and get the best of both worlds. Whichever option you choose, you will get the opportunity to learn from leading digital signage experts and expand your business network

On-demand expert support

If you are interested in on-demand support, we recommend you consider a digital signage partner program. The MagicInfo Services partner program is designed to help businesses level up their digital signage game. 

This program offers two types of memberships Basic (free of charge) and VAR (€250/per month). Both of which provide additional support options. However, if you want technical and sales support, you might want to consider a VAR membership.

Unified voice in the market

Another important reason for enrolling in a digital signage partner network is that you can join forces with other businesses and make changes in the industry. For example, if you join the GSA, your organization can report software bugs which the trade association will forward to the digital signage provider. 

When digital signage companies stand united together, they have a real chance to affect the decisions of software and hardware providers, like Samsung Electronics. For example, imagine that 1000 businesses sign a report a new feature underperforms and affects their business negatively. 

In that case, the provider will surely have to listen to the strong and unified voice of the group. However, if your company files a complaint independently, it may have less power to change things in the grand scheme of things. This is one of the main reasons to join a trade association.  

Opportunity for larger rollouts

When you join a digital signage partner program like ours, you can take advantage of increased business opportunities. With our help, members can improve sales processes and have a stronger technical foundation. Ultimately, this will give you an opportunity for larger rollouts which will grow your digital signage business. 

Are you ready to join our digital signage partner network? If yes, fill in the partner program request form, and we’ll get back to you with further details. And, if you are curious to know more about the Global Signage Association, check out the GSA membership benefits.

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