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4 Energy Saving Tips

4 Energy Saving Tips
2 min read

You'd probably know already that choosing MagicINFO and Samsung smart signage devices with a built-in player is a cost-effective solution. Simply because you have less hardware to mount, maintain and replace when it is not working anymore.  But did you know that a signage display with a player built-in is also ECO-friendly and requires less energy? With a 55-inch display, the energy usage is not more than 115W. That indeed reduces end-of-month energy bills when you compare it to the ones with external players. But there are more things that you can do to be smart with energy usage. In this blog, we give you 4 tips! 

If you'd like to find out more about the sustainability of digital signage, check out our pillar page covering this topic.


 1. Timer settings


When does the device need to be switched on and off? By setting the timers of your display correctly you can reduce the hours of use and save energy. You can choose to manually change the timer settings within the display or use MagicINFO for doing that remotely and even give more displays the right settings all at once.


2. Holiday management


Did you know that by using Holiday management you can save energy costs? When you know that nobody is in the building for a longer period of time, you can use Holiday Management. You can choose the dates that everybody is enjoying their free time and when your public is back again, the displays will pick up publishing your content just where it stopped and will work according to the regular timer settings again.  


 3. Use a sensor


When you know that there’s not always public in the area where your display is, but the information is needed when there is, you can choose to add a sensor to the network. Based on the sensor the display can switch on and show the content and when there’s nobody to watch, it will be off.


 4. Think multi-purpose


Spend some time on the questions, when, to whom and where? When lunchtime is over there’s no need to show the menu when nobody is in the restaurant. However, it all depends on the goal you have with signage. Having a closer look into the schedule and the location of the device, and rethinking the need for it during the day can give you some new insights. It all comes down to one simple rule: the less time the display is switched on, the more energy is saved. Knowing where your audience is and what displays are business critical, using MagicINFO that gives you the ability to be as flexible with the operational hours of your devices, you can be smart with energy usage.


Want to get some insights on your status within MagicINFO when it comes to timer settings and the operational hours of your devices? Why not opt for the MagicINFO Checkup for just €285? This “health check” for your signage system provides a report with quick wins and useful advice from the MagicINFO expert.

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