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Is This the End of MagicINFO Software?

Is This the End of MagicINFO Software?
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If you are reading this, you have probably heard the news about Samsung launching a new digital signage platform called VXT earlier this year.

Moreover, you are probably a business owner or the employee responsible for managing the digital signage network within your organisation.

And since most, if not all, of your screens run MagicINFO, you have concerns about whether the software will be discontinued soon.

We get this question almost daily here at MagicINFO Services, so we have decided to shed some light on what is happening and how it will be in the upcoming years.

Is MagicINFO Going Away?

Rumours have circulated that MagicINFO might be completely phased out in 2-3 years. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Samsung and its partners (such as MagicINFO Services) are committed to continually supporting and updating MI for as long as there are users relying on it in their digital signage networks.

The only difference will be that Samsung will probably not release new versions beyond what is already available and will channel its efforts toward improving VXT.

Will Future Devices Models Support MagicINFO?

Future Samsung screens will continue to support MagicINFO alongside VXT. Both CMS’s will be preinstalled and accessed in the Source menu.

The only exception is that if newer Samsung devices require MagicINFO version 9, a maintenance licence has to be purchased in order to upgrade.

What Will Happen to Your Cloud Subscription

Your MagicINFO cloud subscription will continue as normal. Neither Samsung nor we, as their partners, plan to discontinue support for MagicINFO. Subscribers can expect ongoing security updates and support, as usual, to ensure that their digital signage operations remain smooth and efficient.

What Will Happen to Your Existing MagicINFO Licences

MagicINFO licences will remain functional because they are lifetime and therefore never expire.

How Can You Migrate To VXT?

If you are a MagicINFO Services client and wish to migrate your existing digital signage environment from MI to VXT, our team will do it for FREE upon request.

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