6 ways of how digital signage can lead to more turnover for retail businesses

24 October 2019

Digital signage is getting used more and more these days in a wide variety of businesses. Today we’ll be looking at the usage of signage in the retail. Especially in retail, displays gain a bigger and more important role in store communication. They see the benefit reflected in their sales. Retailers are happy to help shoppers with a number of things: a nice (brand) experience, sharing convincing information and a short and satisfied purchasing process. MagicINFO is signage software that offers various options achieving these goals. And it has been proven that reaching these kinds of goals is faster thanks to digital signage. So, do you want to generate more revenue with your retail company? Use the 6 tips below!


1. Messaged that reach and affects the customer!

Target your messages specifically to your target audience. If there are multiple target groups, create different content for each of them. One text for all will never affect your entire audience. For example, by segmenting your target group into groups based on gender and age, you can display the content in a much more targeted way. The chance that the message reaches the right audience is much greater. This is the first step to encourage desired behavior.


2. Great designs ensures recognition 

Work with your design. One moment products or brands are shown, the other moment paid advertisements or perhaps a subtle route to the checkout is stimulated psychologically. The design must make an impact anyway. The shoppers must recognize designs. Therefore, use separate templates for each target group and purpose. This is how you help your shoppers!


3. Assist your employees

Employees who see promotions and discounts on displays do not have to remember all offers. In practice we notice that remembering a lot of changing information is quite difficult. Preventing stressful situations contributes to employees' working methods. Fewer mistakes means more job satisfaction and more pleasant customer service. Help your own employees so that they can sell better.


4. Use your advertising display smart

Not only are you assisting your employees when you show the discount on the displays, but the main goal is obviously to attract the customers. It would be perfect to mount a display in your shop window (if you have one). If not, you can obviously show the content inside your store as well. It would be perfect if there’s a possibility to place to displays close to the items that you want to promote. And another very important thing, don’t get behind the hype, make sure your content is always up to date.


5. Don’t waste the wait

Got a waiting room for your quests? Don’t bore them, entertain them! Use the displays to show content regarding the business, products or services. How cool will it be if they start complementing you on this? It even can lead to small talk, which gets the conversation started.


6. Sell display time for more exposure

This might sound sketchy, but it isn’t. You can sell your display time and space to brands or partners. This means more exposure for them and extra income. This way, the investment in digital signage is recouped and you even generate extra revenue in this way.


Extra reasons to use digital signage:

  • Sales improvement
  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve the atmosphere
  • Show discounts and actions
  • Advising and inspiring customers
  • Kill the bold waiting time
  • Show a map of the store/building
  • Save money on printing

Do you want to know what signage can mean for your company? Please contact us via sales@magicinfoservices.com and let's discover more ways in which digital signage can lead to more revenue.


Joey Mensen

About the author: Joey Mensen

Joey Mensen is working in marketing and sales at ScreenCom and MagicInfo Services. His passion is helping people by providing them with the solution that suits them best. He helps people by writing clear yet technical blogs and recording video’s where he explains the software. Next to that, he is keeping a close eye on the digital trends and innovations.