Update MagicINFO server to version 8

18 June 2020

Earlier this week we held a demonstration regarding the newest MagicINFO version, V8. Together with Piotr Bednarski from Samsung UK and Wybren Jongstra from MagicInfo Services we were happy to offer you this demo.


MagicINFO 8 has a number of new features that distinguish V8 from V7. To mention some:

  • Conditional content scheduling
  • Advanced email notifications
  • Direct remote control
  • Advanced password policy
  • Full featured API
  • Advanced device preset

The software can be downloaded for free via our website, also feel free to check the video to see how to update your local MagicINFO installation.



Joey Mensen

About the author: Joey Mensen

Joey Mensen is working in marketing and sales at ScreenCom and MagicInfo Services. His passion is helping people by providing them with the solution that suits them best. He helps people by writing clear yet technical blogs and recording video’s where he explains the software. Next to that, he is keeping a close eye on the digital trends and innovations.