MagicINFO 7, new features explained

12 September 2019

The new software is available right now via the website


Improved organization management, locking content items, one time configuring the hardware settings for multiple displays and more possibilities for data connection and data automation. Some of the updates in the new version of MagicINFO 7 which will be explained below.


You can download the new software here. Are you currently using MagicINFO Cloud? Shortly you will experience the newest version!


Organization management

When it comes to organization management there is a significance big difference to be noticed. This allows you to create multiple organizations and create groups and subgroups for these organization. Looking at the user rights and the authority, this now offers the possibility to assign several organizations/ groups where a specific content manager can work on. Previously there was a division between organizations, and it is now possible to share content and to separate specific parts of the server. By doing this the content does not have to be published twice for two organizations, but this can be done at once. For organizations with multiple locations or departments this can be a valuable innovation to provide local content creators more rights. Besides that, it is now possible to publish specific playlists to a specific group of displays within a network.


Content lock

Within the design tool of MagicINFO, the Author, you have the full freedom to create a page however you like. We can imagine that some items have to be non-editable because they are always relevant or linked to other sources which should not be changed. It’s also possible to lock elements for the corporate identity. In MagicINFO 7 elements in the Author page can be ‘locked’, by doing so the other content creators are not able to edit or delete this part of the content. Which is very convenient!


Preset mode for uniform hardware settings

When there are multiple displays connected to the MagicINFO server, these often have to get the same hardware settings. Currently this has to be done per display, which is fine if the displays have to have different settings. Thanks to MagicINFO 7 it is now possible to provide multiple displays with the same hardware settings. This can come in very handy when it comes to contrast, brightness, sharpness, volume and security-and time settings. This can now all be pre-set for a big group of displays. So, whenever a new display gets assigned to the server, it will immediately get the right settings and you do not have to go through these displays individually. Next to this, it does occur that people on location change the settings, thanks to the pre-set settings this will be restored as soon as the display gets a restart. This can save a lot of time.


Improved API’s and improved functionalities for data automation

The ask for connections between different data sources and the view of that data via MagicINFO increases. Due to this, Samsung has provided extra attention to improving and expanding the API’s of MagicINFO. Thanks to this, the DataLink solution has become more powerful and now comes with improved user functions for creating HTML content.


The newest software is available today via this link. Do you wish to upgrade your current server? We would like to assist you with this via a remote session which we can now offer you for a reduced price, use this coupon during your online order: RIMI701. For more information please feel free to contact us at


Check the Samsung MagicINFO 7 Catalog


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