How Digital Signage can determine the customer flow

4 May 2020

During these COVID-19 times, we start to live in a society that has to maintain the social distance. Now in terms of business, this means that only a certain amount of people can access the location. It’s possible to monitor the customers by yourself, but it’s also possible to use digital signage for this!


MagicINFO in combination with a high-tech camera system is capable of measuring many things. For example, this combination allows you to do people counting and heat mapping, just to name a few. This can be extremely handy to monitor the customers in your store instead of having employees physically counting the customers. MagicINFO version 7 allows this functionality, called Analytics.


Tracking the people in the store is a great feature and next to that, it can send content to the Samsung Digital Signage Display. The design of the content can be completely up to you, for example, when the maximum amount of people has been reached, the display can show a red cross. This means that the people cannot enter the shop. When customers left the building, the display can welcome new customers again.


In the meantime, you can also promote certain products while the customers are waiting to get in. This could also increase sales!


For making this possible with MagicINFO, it would require a MagicINFO server that features version 7, a DataLink server and a Rule Manager server. In addition to that, the high-tech cameras from Samsung are also required.


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Joey Mensen

About the author: Joey Mensen

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