Displays replacing the traditional pin-boards

27 June 2019

Digital signage changes the way in getting students and teachers informed at colleges and universities


You might remember the pin-boards with plenty of information in the hall of the campus. Loaded with letters, flyers, posters and memos. Students which are trying to find the most relevant information, missing class because of an unclear change in their timetable and so on. Luckily, more colleges and universities choose to use a digital signage system within their institution. It enhances the information flow, reduces costs and gets more attention. In this article we mention how signage can be used on colleges and universities. We will mention the benefits of this flexible and up-to-date form of communication.


Check what’s current and relevant in a blink of an eye

With signage it’s possible to improve the information flow towards the students and the teachers. Actual information can be shared with the whole institution within a few clicks. Consider a display with information as a complement to the information that gets shared internally. It works with cross-media and amplifies each other. For example, a message which announces an event where people can sign-up for via the app or internet.


Actual timetable changes and important news will get the deserved attention rapidly. In case of emergency the network of the displays can play an important role, because you only have to do one action to publish a lifesaving alert. Besides these options, you can also use the displays for commercial use. You can show digital menu’s in the canteen or use the displays for promotion throughout the buildings.


A logistic role

Besides providing the students, teachers and visitors with information, the institution can also gain advantages by using the displays with logistic goals. For example, an interactive floorplan at the entrance of the building. Students won’t have excuses any longer for missing class!


Attention for entertainment

It doesn’t always have to be about important messages or logistics, you can also use the displays for entertainment by linking with social media, newsfeeds and sport updates. Does the university have their own Facebookpage where information gets shared? Know that it’s possible to show the information from social media on the displays. Want to cast an important sports game of news broadcast? It’s all possible with smart signage software, so that the game or broadcast won’t be missed.


MagicINFO suitable for complex digital signage networks

MagicINFO allows you to create a network of displays where each display has its own purpose. By using the organizations, groups and where necessary subgroups a complex network can be set up where you are able to supply the displays individually or as a group with content. You are even able to create certain users with certain rights. By doing this, you can provide certain content managers certain access. For example, they are only allowed to create or adjust the content and nothing else. By using a well-organized lay-out and a smart usage of the users and user-rights the network really comes alive. MagicINFO offers for technical management a solution thanks to dashboards, usage rapports and remote management. Remote management allows you to control you Samsung hardware from a distance.


The solution for digital signage in the educational environment

If you are a private or public school, university or a professional institute, the engagement with the audience is important. Think of your students, teachers, staff and visitors to provide them with relevant and exciting content. This is an important element for improving the engagement with the students and creating a safer campus environment. The smart signage displays from Samsung are very easy controllable with the MagicINFO software.

Evelyn Lok

About the author: Evelyn Lok

Evelyn Lok is responsible for marketing and sales at ScreenCom and MagicInfo Services. With a strong passion for content marketing she dives into innovations and trends to inspire others to add digital signage to their media mix. Hoping to get everyone to start or to optimize the use of the versatile software MagicINFO.