4 ways of creating a warm welcome with MagicINFO

20 September 2019

Welcome your visitors with a personal message and let them know you’re excited about their visit!


How does it make you feel when you visit a business and you get greeted by a personal message? That must give you a good feeling, right? Think about showing the names of the visitors, the business name and the persons they are having an appointment with. By showing such specific information, visitors can see that you have invested time into their appointment.


Creating the welcoming message doesn’t need that much effort. Beside the fact that it’s easy to manually create this message, it can also be done automatically. Curious about all the possibilities? Keep on reading!


  1. Supply your content manually with the proper information

MagicINFO offers several possibilities to create content efficiently. The most common way is by using the online design tool, named the Author. By using templates in the Author you can easily show names and additional information on the displays. Do you have fixed parts that you want to be shown on each page? Thanks to the newest version of MagicINFO you can now lock these so that they cannot be changed. Whenever the content is ready, you can schedule this and provide them with a date and time you want your content to be released. Obviously, it’s important that you are aware of the publication time, because you only want to show up-to-date welcome messages.


  1. Use MagicINFO as CMS, but prefer working with PowerPoint as a source? This is now possible!

Not everyone is that well known with online CMS-tools and prefers working with PowerPoint (and with the other powerful features such as remote management and the monitoring tool). If so, then it’s not a problem to keep managing content by working with PowerPoint as they’re used to. The PowerPoint file can be showed via MagicINFO up to date whenever the file is being saved on a CIFS-location in the network. MagicINFO will get all files that are saved in the CIFS-map and will publish these. Very handy and just as easy.


  1. Semi- automatic welcome messages with DataLink and Excel

When DataLink gets used, it offers a lot more possibilities, we will start by using Excel as an example. DataLink is the connecting element between the source and the MagicINFO server. You can use several sources and select the information from that source in the MagicINFO Author. All you need to do is create one template with the fields you want DataLink to send to MagicINFO. These fields in Excel will be seen by DataLink and shown on the display. It completely up to you which fields you want to be shown.


  1. Connect your agenda to MagicINFO

Next to the fact that DataLink works seamlessly with Excel, it’s also possible to use your agenda as a source. A connection can be made between DataLink and the Outlook agenda* This saves a lot of double work. This solution also provides the option to select field from the agenda, so that not the entire agenda will be show. Here you can select for example the dates, times and location of the meeting.


Thanks to MagicINFO’s wide variety of options, there will always be one way of reaching your goal. If you decide to work with the welcome messages it is important to always keep the content up-to-date. Please note, when there are no meetings you can set a default playlist. By doing this, the display will always show content. Do you have employees, or are you responsible for the welcome messages? You can play with the user rights and determine who gets access to what, by doing this you can simplify the use of MagicINFO.


Are you keen to gain more knowledge on how to work efficient and properly on a welcome message, create templates or need help setting this up? Feel free to contact us at sales@magicinfoservices.com


Wednesday the 25th of September MagicInfo Services organizes a webinar about DataLink. Do you want to know more about this solution, you can sign up via this link.


*Not all versions of Outlook are supported.

Evelyn Lok

About the author: Evelyn Lok

Evelyn Lok is responsible for marketing and sales at ScreenCom and MagicInfo Services. With a strong passion for content marketing she dives into innovations and trends to inspire others to add digital signage to their media mix. Hoping to get everyone to start or to optimize the use of the versatile software MagicINFO.